Logo Design

As our Livework theory, a logo design is part of your brand identity, but there’s more to it than that. A brand logo is not just a work mark or symbol; it defines yours missions, myths, values of business.

Your logo carries the weight of your works. So, Logo is the identification of your activities which introduces your company to others. When you put your logo on something, you’re officially giving it “the seal of approval.” And just like film critics, food critics, and other reviewers, that means something.

By having your logo design on something, you’re guaranteeing it lives up to the promise your brand has made, and your customers can trust it.

Livework believes that a logo not only creates identity, but every logo has it’s own meaning. A memorable logo design is essential for running successful business these days. Such a logo becomes an effective tool in the hands of marketers to build a trustworthy brand identity of the business. But there are some basic principles for creating a unique logo. Only a well-thought out logo can contribute purposefully to the growth of your business.

There have 5 principles of effective logo design-

1. Simple

2. Memorable

3. Timeless

4. Versatile

5. Appropriate


Our ‘Livework’ carries Multi-Layered design trend of logo design. Livework thinks-

1. Your logo design is extremely important for conducting a business in the competitive world. Your business have to confront a lot of established as well as new enterprizes in your given niche. While a sound marketing plan is essential, your visual communication skills are equally important for your business. With the help of the visuals like logos, business card and other graphic designs etc. businesses can make an instant connect with the audience.

2. Do not forget that running a business is not easy in this highly competitive world of today. According to the reports, 80% of small businesses close down in the first year of their operation. Rest of them fade away from the market in two to three years. Only a few of them are able to stay firm in their niche markets.

It is seen that those entrepreneurs who made extra attempts to create a strong visual brand identity in the market became successful.

Others were failure as they did not give importance to branding. So, making a good visual communication with the people is necessary to run a successful business. This is the reason that modern entrepreneurs lay so much emphasis on creating unique visuals.

Livework thinks, there is a wide range of visuals that a business thinks of creating. These include a company’s logo, brochure, business card, website, mobile apps, packaging, leaflet design and host of other designs. But logo is the most important of all such designs.