Livework Ltd.

Livework (Logical Information Verified by Expert Worker's) Ltd., is a platform where expert professionals work towards meeting individual client's needs. Our activities can help the clients to be more focused to achieve their goals and priorities and thereby identify pathways to improve their businesses and stand out in the business mainstream.

Livework Ltd's expertise lies broadly on crafting Agency solutions , IT solutions (Software and hardware), Events management, Film and Multimedia production, Architecture solution, Medical equipment and supplies, Equipment and goods supplies, Conference arrangements, Printing and packaging, Paper supplies, Marketing analysis, Training and development, Tourism solution, Garments and accessories, Automobile parts solution, Building material supplies, Music Instrument supplies, security product supplies, Heavy-duty machine solutions and supplies, Printing machine solutions and supplies, sound system and film equipment etc.

Livework Ltd provides expert inputs to the needs of the clients based on a continuous process of reflection and learning. It provides support to clients through mutual discussion and brainstorming to understand their needs and provide them with best-fit options and pathways so that they can gain benefit and achieve excellence.

Our Vision-

To create a new image of professional services through our experts in the market.

Our Mission-

To make a different type of service which can provide the creative thoughts to the clients.

Our Promise-

Our efforts can make the client’s demand meaningful and can mark the outstanding line.

Our Philosophy-

We like to work with our authentic thoughts and like to sustain our weight by our work value.

Why logo color is Red

Red is the color of boldness and defines the gravity. Every red mark is also eye soothing and it attracts others to look at.

‘Livework Ltd.’ is written in ‘red’ color and it also expresses the gravity of our company. We like to work with passion and our passionate activities defines our boldness of work; that’s why our ‘Livework Ltd.’ stands in ‘red’ color.

When we read a article which written in red color, that sentences create more importance cause its color effect. So, ‘Livework Ltd.’ creates an importance to us by it’s color also.